Vegan Dogs

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Vegan Dogs


The vegan dog was a way to involve everybody in Wassup Dog. We understand that many people love hot dogs but do not like to eat meat or dairy products. We make fresh vegan sausages out of sweet potato and chickpea with rosemary, salt and pepper so that vegetarians and vegans can also know Wassup.

The big saying is “Make love not war” so even the biggest meat lovers have been digging the Wassup vegan dogs.

Jules is excited about the vegan dogs, he said “We have one famous vegan dog on the menu plus one special every tuesday night !! God damn Tuesday”.

He said that Wassup Dog Fremantle is “packed as” on the Tuesday Vegan night and that he has seen and heard some great reactions to the dogs like this one.. “CHEESE on a vegan Dog! DAMMMNNNN I am in!”

We also started the Vegan tuesday last year as a way of getting people together to share a conscious meal and get the word out about the options for vegans and vegetarians at Wassup Dog.

At the time of writing, after only 6 weeks of Vegan food night there is already a large following and the Wassup chefs are flowing like Kendrick Lamar every Tuesday to bring all that vegan goodness and homemade vegan cheese to the crowd at both our Fremantle bistro and East Perth bistro.

Wassup Dog knows that eating vegan can still be quite difficult at restaurants and fast food places as well as creating awkward situations with large groups of people, so they love to offer this delicious option and Jules said “it makes us so happy to see the surprised and stoked reactions of people who eat our vegan dogs.”

So don’t forget the Motto – “Make love not war”, hope to see you at a Wassup Dog Vegan Night soon! These vegan food options are available at either our East Perth dine in or takeaway restaurant/cafe or our Freo cafe/restaurant. Get down there or you can always order home delivery.