The Perth & Freo Brekky Dog

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The Perth & Freo Brekky Dog

Brekky Dog – Breakfast goodness in our East Perth Cafe and Fremantle Cafe Restaurant- perfect with our fresh brewed coffee or cold juice (although it is available any time of the day if you crave an all day breakfast or sleep in).

The Brekky dog started with the Best Dog. It was an evolution of Hip Hop proportions.

It is something that people all around Fremantle loved. The Freo market stall started opening at 8am and this was after the cart finished up Mojo’s at 2am.

In the morning, it was very quiet so we started experimenting and adding a freshly cooked runny egg to the Best Dog.

So now its like a best dog with even more.

Jules said simply that “The kiwi’s opening up the markets were so impressed that the brekky dog became a big thing”.

When we were outside Mojo’s on the weekend with the Hot Dog cart, we used to sleep 3 hours and get straight down to Freo markets. Some times we would sell a Best dog to somebody leaving Mojo’s and in the morning we would meet again for a Brekky Dog.

Asked if it was worth it going without sleep all those weekends. Jules replied with a big smile on his face
“Look where we are now!! Staying up is mental thing. Some people didn’t sleep for days in the war”

The parting advice is “Never accept a brekky dog without the home made mayonnaise and the eggs are cooked sunny side up and a bit runny so the yolk soaks into the whole bun”.
It can get a little messy but all the best things in life are right?

For Fremantle breakfast or Perth breakfast options (dine in or takeaway in both Freo and East Perth), now there is also hot toasties and of course can still get any dogs on the menu at any time after 10 but the brekky dog is a full blown delicious way to start the day.

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