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Wassup in the news!

Wassup in the news!

At Wassup Dog, lair of the home made freshest hot dog (inc Vegan options) as well as the best coffee we are proud of the news articles and writeups we have been receiving since initially opening the East Perth cafe (113 Royal St) and following up with our Fremantle Cafe Restaurant (96 Market St).

Please see links below to some online reviews we are particularly proud of – long live the Dog!

PERTH NOW – review of the 3 hottest food trends – inc our fresh hot dogs

PERTH NOW – review of our Wassup Dog catering service (where it all began)

BROADSHEET – coverage of our East Perth Restaurant opening

HERALDONLINE – Zac Duggan waxing lyrical on what it takes to create our original Dogs (and what it is like to eat one!)


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The Perth & Freo Brekky Dog

Brekky Dog – Breakfast goodness in our East Perth Cafe and Fremantle Cafe Restaurant- perfect with our fresh brewed coffee or cold juice (although it is available any time of the day if you crave an all day breakfast or sleep in).

The Brekky dog started with the Best Dog. It was an evolution of Hip Hop proportions.

It is something that people all around Fremantle loved. The Freo market stall started opening at 8am and this was after the cart finished up Mojo’s at 2am.

In the morning, it was very quiet so we started experimenting and adding a freshly cooked runny egg to the Best Dog.

So now its like a best dog with even more.

Jules said simply that “The kiwi’s opening up the markets were so impressed that the brekky dog became a big thing”.

When we were outside Mojo’s on the weekend with the Hot Dog cart, we used to sleep 3 hours and get straight down to Freo markets. Some times we would sell a Best dog to somebody leaving Mojo’s and in the morning we would meet again for a Brekky Dog.

Asked if it was worth it going without sleep all those weekends. Jules replied with a big smile on his face
“Look where we are now!! Staying up is mental thing. Some people didn’t sleep for days in the war”

The parting advice is “Never accept a brekky dog without the home made mayonnaise and the eggs are cooked sunny side up and a bit runny so the yolk soaks into the whole bun”.
It can get a little messy but all the best things in life are right?

For Fremantle breakfast or Perth breakfast options (dine in or takeaway in both Freo and East Perth), now there is also hot toasties and of course can still get any dogs on the menu at any time after 10 but the brekky dog is a full blown delicious way to start the day.

More information on our MENU.

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Wassup Dog – The Best Dog

Wassup Dog – The Best Dog from our East Perth and Fremantle Cafe Restaurants

The original can sometimes be referred to as the best and in this case it is hard to argue. There is a hot dog that exists that is such a magnificent combination of delicious ingredients that it can only be described so simply.

Two years ago, I was drunk and listening to music at Mojo’s, at some point my girlfriend persuaded me to try this new hot dog cart.

I had mixed feelings until we had talked to the man behind the hotplate and he described the process of making the Best Dog.

From then the Best Dog has been continually improved, especially with the addition of our favourite ingredient, the home made garlic mayonnaise.

Wassup Dog owner Jules Aknin said that one day he was talking to his Dad in France on the phone and he reminded him that “if you want to call it the best, it has to be the best”.

Wassup Dog follows the example set in France by the family.

The onions are sautéed perfectly and the slow cooked capsicum and corn provide a crisp savoury sweetness to the hot dog.  The first bite is shockingly good, mayonnaise might drip everywhere but everybody looks good eating a hot dog.

The beef sausage is butterflied and grilled with 3 years of experience and together with the fluffy bread and garlic mayonnaise it’s going to make you just as satisfied as a quokka in honey.

When it’s all together in front of you, you can taste that it’s the best. You can grab one in store for $13 with chips and home made aioli from either our East Perth restaurant or Fremantle Restaurant (plus other options from our restaurant or takeaway menu).

Do not forget we also do great coffee so if you are looking for an East Perth cafe or Fremantle cafe you know where to find us.

By Zac Duggan

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Building & Bonding

I sat down for a Fat Yak with Robin Rodriguez, a very cool dude, with a great work ethic and a big heart!

While you may have assumed Robin was a Mexican hip hop artist, he grew up in the beautiful little surfing town of Lacanau close to the magnificent and wine-famous region of Bordeaux.

Robin said he used to go and watch the competitions with “people like Mick Fanning and Kelly Slater”.

Robin has been instrumental in the building, plumbing and electricity for the Wassup Dog Gourmet Hotdog store in East Perth and Fremantle.

He worked in construction in France, becoming a qualified plumber and electrician before he watched enough French documentaries on Australia too move here two years ago with his girlfriend.

Robin explained how they started in Port Hedland and “took any job they could”, then moved to Exmouth to do their farm work repairing cyclone damaged properties.

Then Robin drove down to Perth, enjoying the chance to relax and get down to Margaret River to take photos.

He was working hard for a construction company until they cheated him out of a few weeks of work with no pay.

Soon after, he met Jules and started helping with Wassup Dog, he began working 7am til eleven building sessions with Jules; in the first East Perth bistro and recently a month and a half in the Fremantle cafe restaurant.

Now the man himself is constructing some boss hot dogs in Fremantle every day with his partner in cheese Mathas.

When I asked if working every day was making him tired, Robin said:

“When I meet all the good people here and put the hot dogs on the table, I am happy. I meet amazing people, I make good food. The life is good”

“I will work seven days a week for four years to push all the way to the top”

Robin is the man, he makes a mean hot dog, always has a smile on his face and his vision is to have Wassup Dog all over the West Coast.

“Maybe one day we will have stores in California. Long live the King.”

That’s Wassup