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In the Press!

Small businesses struggling in downturn call for City of Perth intervention

It is hard work keeping the sizzle in your gourmet hotdog business during hard financial times, but 23-year-old Jules Aknin remains upbeat.

The French businessman sees Western Australia’s economic downturn as a chance to reboot his Wassup Dog chain so it is ready to capitalise when the good times return.

Read more here from the ABC News online article


hot dogs perth

Hot Dog Competition Winner

Isaac H-D The WINNER of our $2000 PRIZE. At our Hotdog eating comp Saturday 3RD of JUNE at our East Perth cafe and Feemantle Cafe. 1min 36sec to eat 1KG of food. That is 4 BEST dogs (Wholemeal bread, tomato sauce, lettuce, butterfly beef sausage, cheddar cheese, slow cook veggies corn, caps and onion, homemade garlic mayonnaise, spring onions and balsamic dressing).


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Vegan Tuesdays

Do not forget our Vegan Tuesdays – every Tuesday at the East Perth restaurant or Fremantle Restaurant – takeaway or dine in.

Wholemeal bread, mixed lettuce, vegan sausage, olive oil sprout, lime, crushed almond and a serve of our famous home made chips

hot dog perth

Wassup in the news!

Wassup in the news!

At Wassup Dog, lair of the home made freshest hot dog (inc Vegan options) as well as the best coffee we are proud of the news articles and writeups we have been receiving since initially opening the East Perth cafe (113 Royal St) and following up with our Fremantle Cafe Restaurant (96 Market St).

Please see links below to some online reviews we are particularly proud of – long live the Dog!

PERTH NOW – review of the 3 hottest food trends – inc our fresh hot dogs

PERTH NOW – review of our Wassup Dog catering service (where it all began)

BROADSHEET – coverage of our East Perth Restaurant opening

HERALDONLINE – Zac Duggan waxing lyrical on what it takes to create our original Dogs (and what it is like to eat one!)


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Why Fremantle?

Why Fremantle?

I caught up with Jules to have a chat about why Wassup Dog has opened it’s cradty, new gourmet hot dog bistro in the heart of Fremantle.

Hot Dogs are makings waves in Fremantle, people already enjoy the fabulous bratwurst hot dogs sold for 6 years at Run Amuk on South Terrace.

Jules has always been a fan and is absolutely stoked to bring the flavour of Wassup Dog to the city in a more permanent home, 7 days a week.

The doors of Wassup Dog Gourmet Hot Dogs Fremantle (which incidentally prides itself on fresh Freo coffee to dine in or takeaway) have been open for nearly 5 months now and Jules said that “Being in Freo is everything, it means a lot, it’s where I have started.”

Fremantle has a rich and varied history, both ancient and modern. We have the oldest building in the state, the major port as well as being the heart of culture in the city. Fremantle is the place you have to bring any visitors to Perth.

When asked what he liked most about Freo, Jules said emphatically “The people! And Mojo’s” with a Snoop Dogg smile.

Fremantle has a strong business culture and a lot of foot traffic, so Wassup Dog is in the perfect position at 32 Market St to introduce as many people as they can to the crew and the taste.

Fremantle has a social consciousness and community vibe that is rare in Australia and Wassup Dog has a special love for anything and anybody that “makes Freo different and weird”.

Wassup Dog is just as much a community as a business and Jules said that “Wassup Dog love that more and more people want to be involved in what we do and the banter at the shop in Fremantle is always strong.”

I asked Jules how Run Amuk and Wassup Dog can make even better hot dogs and he replied that “competition is amazing, even if there is no such thing. We will both try and improve and perfect our dogs, it will bring the quality up on both sides and will attract more people. Competition is so important for business, if you have a small cafe and you are not happy about another one opening up next door then sorry; you are not business minded.”

Come down and see the lads for some market fresh cuisine and stay at our Frematle coffee shop & bistro takeaway for some Playstation, Connect 4, Hip Hop, coffee and French banter.

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Wassup Dog – The Best Dog

Wassup Dog – The Best Dog from our East Perth and Fremantle Cafe Restaurants

The original can sometimes be referred to as the best and in this case it is hard to argue. There is a hot dog that exists that is such a magnificent combination of delicious ingredients that it can only be described so simply.

Two years ago, I was drunk and listening to music at Mojo’s, at some point my girlfriend persuaded me to try this new hot dog cart.

I had mixed feelings until we had talked to the man behind the hotplate and he described the process of making the Best Dog.

From then the Best Dog has been continually improved, especially with the addition of our favourite ingredient, the home made garlic mayonnaise.

Wassup Dog owner Jules Aknin said that one day he was talking to his Dad in France on the phone and he reminded him that “if you want to call it the best, it has to be the best”.

Wassup Dog follows the example set in France by the family.

The onions are sautéed perfectly and the slow cooked capsicum and corn provide a crisp savoury sweetness to the hot dog.  The first bite is shockingly good, mayonnaise might drip everywhere but everybody looks good eating a hot dog.

The beef sausage is butterflied and grilled with 3 years of experience and together with the fluffy bread and garlic mayonnaise it’s going to make you just as satisfied as a quokka in honey.

When it’s all together in front of you, you can taste that it’s the best. You can grab one in store for $13 with chips and home made aioli from either our East Perth restaurant or Fremantle Restaurant (plus other options from our restaurant or takeaway menu).

Do not forget we also do great coffee so if you are looking for an East Perth cafe or Fremantle cafe you know where to find us.

By Zac Duggan