Dear Customer,

Hello! My name is Jules, the founder of this little place. We may have met already.

Wassup Dog started in 2013 in a hotdog stand in King square, Fremantle. My first day selling hotdogs was a 12 hour shift which resulted in only 14 hotdogs sold at $5 each. At the time I was 20 years of age and remember that day as if it was yesterday. I felt like a business man.
I remember talking to myself on the way back to my car
“That’s it Jules, you made it, you are an ENTREPRENEUR“!

A few years later in 2016 I opened this shop. The funny fact is that my very first job in the land of the Vegemite sandwich was here in this exact shop, at the back washing dishes back in 2011.
Here at Wassup Dog, we make our sausages in store, not lying! We use a 7kg handle sausage filler and make the sausages once a week. They contain nothing but spices and locally sourced meats. Our vegan menu will supply you with 4 vegan choices at all times. Our vegan sausages are 100% veggies, we call it the “hash brown sausage”.
Chips wise, we make them in store. Everyday we cut, rinse, pre cook & deep fry them, yes, these are REAL chips.
We also make our own sauces here too! 10 of them to be precise. My favorites are the pepper sauce, garlic mayonnaise, chili paste and onion jam.
In regards to coffee, Shannan is the boss. We take coffee very seriously. Fiori provides us with the finest beans. We stock 6 different kinds of milk and milk substitutes. As you can see we will do anything to make you happy.
Breakfast wise our menu is nice and simple. Our Turkish bread toasties menu is sure to please, i recommend the Avocado roll or bacon & egg with onion relish.
We haven’t forgotten about our gluten free friends. We work with a local bakery called strange grains who provide us with excellent gluten free breads so you can rest assured your dietary requirements will be fulfilled.

Anyway guys, thanks for visiting our humble shop. If you are organizing a birthday, wedding, house party, feel free to ask us about our Hotdog stand catering services. We can cater for 50 to 1000 people.

With love, Wassup Dog xox

ps- we recently changed our East Perth store name to Wassup Cafe but the love remains!