What do you picture when you think of hotdogs? Is it a classic New York, red-skinned wiener full of snouts and buttholes, topped in sauerkraut and slathered in yellow mustard? Maybe it’s the snag-on-the-barbie-with-onions-and-sauce Bunnings classic? Whatever it is you know about hotdogs, we are here to blow your mind, make love to your taste buds, and change your life forever. Welcome to Wassup Dog – The Gourmet Hotdog.

Almost everything in a Wassup Dog is made from scratch – the condiments, sauces and the crown jewel: the sausage itself. Our sausages are so bloody delicious – made with so much love – that you could just eat one on its own and still walk away impressed. But you don’t have to do that. We use beautiful, soft fluffy bread rolls to wrap those bad boys in, adding a delicious, subtle flavour of their own (and providing a nice by vessel for us to start adding the really fun stuff).

Taking inspiration from his world travels (and honouring his own country’s national pride in their cuisine) nomadic Frenchman Jules Aknin creates the Wassup Dog menu like a mad scientist. But there is method to his madness, and art to his science. Combining amazing waves of flavour, each Wassup Dog is meant to tantalise and surprise you with its unexpected, yet perfectly harmonious use of luxurious ingredients.

The star of the show will always be LA SAUSAGE. Hand made on-premises using only the highest quality local ingredients, each of our hot-dogs is a work of art. Wassup Dog was founded to offer something special… a hotdog alternative to the world of fast food, for people who love great cuisine and don’t want to put garbage into their bodies. This all starts with a good sausage.

You can have a Wassup Dog right now. Check out where our mobile vendor will be, head to our restaurant (phone pre-order available). Whether you dine in, take-away or catch us in the street, you are going to walk away from your Wassup Dog experience well-fed and with a new found respect for the humble hotdog. The perfect alternative to a burger (with vegetarian and vegan options) in  East Perth with the advantage you can grab a beer or cider at the same time too.

We are open early from 7am for breakfast up until 9pm for the late dinner (close 4pm Mon – Weds) and any time between for coffee and snack. As well as hotdogs we offer salads, coffee, cakes, gluten-free rolls, Vegan Thursday specials and a Wassup Dog experience you will not forget.

We are also licenced so you can now have a choice of 11 local ice cold beers or ciders plus wine or gin cocktails with your gourmet hotdogs. Or a comforting mash potatoes, meatballs and gin cocktail on a cold winters days.

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