Open early until late we have the perfect menu from breakfast until dinner as well as a top up coffee and cake in between. We only use the freshest local ingredients at our East Perth and Fremantle cafe restaurants.

You can pre-order all our menu items and look out for our weekly hotdog special, gluten-free bun option as well as Vegan Tuesdays.

Wassup Dog is the perfect Perth & Fremantle burger alternative and we have vegetarian options available.

LUNCH & DINNER noon 'til 9pm

All of our sausages are free range and homemade. We serve them on freshly baked whole- meal buns, with a side of hand cut fries.

Free range beef sausage. Tomato sauce.  Yellow Mustard $11. Add WA cheese $1

Homemade Beef sausage with Capsicum, corn and onions sautée olive oil salt and pepper. mixed lettuce. Homemade garlic mayonnaise and tasty cheddar cheese and a side of hand cut french fries. $13

Homemade Beef sausage, whole meal bread, mixed lettuce WA cheddar, House-made honey & mint tzatziki sauce with carrot and cucumber and our hand cut fries. $14

Beef sausage. Capsicum, corn and onions sautée olive oil salt and pepper. mixed lettuce. Homemade garlic mayonnaise and tasty cheddar cheese with a runny fried eggs and a side of hand cut french fries – Our answer to your hangover. $14

Homemade Chicken sausage with basil. Wholemeal bread, Camembert cheese. mixed lettuce, Homemade sweet-chili jam. and some hand cut fries on the side.  – Don’t be a chicken, the jam isn’t that hot! $14

Homemade Beef sausage. wholemeal bread, WA cheddar. Runny fried egg. Home fries, home made garlic mayonnaise, Mixed salad and so more hand cut fries on the side.– Our ode to the original D.O.G.G.  $14

Homemade Beef sausage, wholemeal bread, WA cheddar. Goats cheese. Camembert cheese. Apricot jam. Mixed Salad and some hand cut chips. $15

Fresh whole meal bread , mixed lettuce, Homemade vegetarian sausage with pumpkin, sweet potatoes and coriander with a sautée of capsicum, onion and corn olive oil salt and pepper, Smashed avocado and homemade vinaigrette  and some hand cut chips. $14

Fresh whole meal bread, organic beef sausage, mixed lettuce, Spicy harissa yogurt, Pineapple, WA cheese and mint. With some hand cut chips. $14

Hey veggos!
Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you. All our dogs can be subbed with our delicious homemade chickpea sweet potato sausages. Trust me, you’re ganna dig it!

Step One – You have a big choice to make here folks. This will set the tone for your whole meal. We’ve got three killer balls, and you unfortunately can only pick one. I know, life is not fair.

Beef: Free-range WA beef mince seasoned with bush pepper, sea salt and Italian herbs
Chicken:  Free-range chicken mince seasoned with sweet onions and torn basil.
Veggie Patch: Roasted pumpkin mixed with potatoes and chickpeas and fresh coriander

Step Two – Now that you’ve got your balls sorted its time to pick a delicious base to put them on…. I never said this would be easy.
• Hand-cut fries, made in-house daily
• Whipped mashed potatoes, extra smooth and creamy
• Market Fresh Garden Salad

Step Three – It’s the homestretch. You only have one more decision to make, but it’s arguably the toughest one. These sauces are my dad’s special recipes and they’ve been passed down through the family. The choice is yours, no regrets.

Caramelized onion: A rich gravy with a touch of sweetness  – My personal favorite
Creamy pepper:  A velvety cream-based sauce that has a good bite to it
Homemade sweet curry sauce.

All salads are based on seasonal mixed greens and only the freshest of vegetables.

The Sexy Sausage Salad:

 Mixed lettuce chopped beef sausage, sautéed capsicums, caramelized onions, sweet corn, and a big drizzle of our homemade garlic aioli with some Wa cheddar cheese . This is our classic salad that’s been around since the beginning of our hotdog stand. A favorite amongst the carb-free crowd, and true winner in our books!

The Meuh’:

A mountain of fresh salad leaves topped with goat’s cheese toasted toast with honey, mix of some fresh seasonnal green, and our homemade honey vinaigrette.

The Tourist:

Salad leaves and sliced crudités topped with smoked bacon and pineapple chunks. Drizzled with our homemade honey vinaigrette and a mix of some fresh seasonnal greens.

Moroccan Salad:

Mountain of mixed lettuce, homemade beef meatballs drizzled with our mint yogurt atop a mound of fresh greens and our homemade vinaigrette.

Sides & Extras
• Hand-cut Fries $5
• House Green Salad $5
• Extra Sauce $1
• Extra Sausage $4

Our desserts are all baked in-house and are served by the slice with fresh cream:
• Espresso Tiramisu
• Warm Apple Crumble
• Chocolate Fudge Cake