Home Made Chips

home made chips

Home Made Chips

The Home Made Chips (Fries) at our Perth and Freo Restaurants

We caught up with Wassup Dog about their chips which are quickly becoming known all around Perth, they are fresher than a summer morning and the home made aioli is even better.

The home made chips are what make the meals so good and filling. The chips complete the dogs and make sure nobody leaves the shop unfulfilled. For an insight into how good the chips are; Wassup Dog sells half a tonne of chips per week between the shops.

Now this is a lot of potatoes to handle, so Wassup Dog is privileged to work closely with Spudshed; getting WA locally grown potatoes from Innaloo delivered weekly.

50 kg of potato are hand cut every morning and washed afterwards, getting rid of the starch and making them perfect for frying.

Every batch is different, some can be light, others more fried but the chefs always make sure that all the chips are going to be crispy and delicious.

After frying, they are seasoned in Australian sea salt and a few special herbs like rosemary and a few other secret herbs. This makes them taste like no other fries you have ever had.

The premium grade oil is delivered and later recycled by the West Australian company OIL 2 U.

So if you are near our East Perth café restaurant or Fremantle dine in and takeaway restaurant pop in for a chat and try our awesome home-made fries and hot dogs. Of course we also sell coffee and cakes if it is just that bit too early for fries, or is it ever too early for fries?