Fremantle Market Stall

fremantle market stall

Fremantle Market Stall

Fremantle Market Stall

The Fremantle markets are such a richly diverse place. Locals can buy goods from around the world and international travellers can get a feeling of local craft, culture and produce. It is a coming together of happy people enjoying their days off.

Wassup Dog started off at the markets and has been smashing out gourmet hot dogs for 3 years, developing its style, flavour and craft – turning hot dogs into a tasty art; the French way

The Fremantle Wassup Dog store is the latest baby and opened on the 17th of October 2016. That could never have happened without the Freo community loving our dogs and inspiring us to keep working hard every day striving to bring you new ideas and the freshest, tastiest dogs every day of the week.

Jules personally likes the Fremantle markets so much for the “fresh local produce and because they know Wassup.”

Since humble beginnings at the first hot dog cart at the markets, Freo has come to know Wassup Dog because “even being a French man, we are local, we started in Freo at Mojo’s, at the South Freo and Fremantle markets and people know we are part of Freo”.

Jules continued and said that the development of the vegan dog has gotten a lot of love from the community and said that the “locals love them!”

When the new Fremantle cafe restaurant opened 5 months ago, Wassup Dog consolidated and stopped doing the markets, however they are still serving up for weddings, birthdays and hope to be back one day soon to the markets.

“It all started in Fremantle, because it was practical, easy to move around without a lease and after a few weekends a Mojo’s people started to feel Wassup!”

Wassup Dog has got soul and that soul developed at the markets, from one New York style cart to two Wassup Dog bistros bringing maximum flavour and atmosphere to the people.

Hot Dogs and Hip Hop have one thing in common at Wassup Dog – “both are gangsta, gangsta”.

The hip hop inspired values have developed over 3 years of crafting dogs in Fremantle and Wassup Dog hope that you feel that vibe at the stores.

In the meantime check out or Fremantle cafe restaurant which not only offers great hotdogs, but the finest coffee both to dine in and take away (do not forget the salads, juices and desserts on our menu). We also do home delivery.