Can hot dogs be healthy?

healthy hot dogs perth

Can hot dogs be healthy?

Can Hot Dogs be healthy?

Wassup Dogs are not just any dogs, when you go to the store in Fremantle or East Perth you will encounter a healthy dog, with more flavour and nutrients than any dog before. They may not be an organic chai bowl with goji berries but these hot dogs are healthy!

Wassup Dog always used market fresh ingredients, sourced locally where possible. They also use locally sourced free range beef in all their sausages and their glorious vegetarian sausages. Now with their brand new gluten free breads for people with celiac or gluten issues. Throw in the vegan nights and Wassup Dog with it’s gourmet hot dog can be a healthy option for a mind bendingly delicious meal. A great alternative to the traditional burger restaurant in East Perth or Freo too!

Fast food nowadays has become loaded with carbohydrates, oil and hidden ingredients that we probably don’t want in our bodies. But when you go to Wassup Dog, you get exactly what you ordered, cooked and prepared fresh in front and tailored to exactly what you want to eat.

These gourmet hot dogs can be exactly what you need: local, fresh ingredients, raw vegetables, homemade condiments and a cosy atmosphere to round out the experience because smiling makes you live longer.
Preparation says a lot about the health value and every ingredient is prepared fresh every day, there is no such thing as a food freezer in Wassup Dog.
So why can’t Hot Dogs by healthy?
Let’s get rid of the stereotype, these aren’t your average Coles snags in a bun loaded with sodium and preservatives. These Hot Dogs are pure delicious food that will get your friends talking and get you dancing in your chair with health and happiness.

healthy hot dogs perthSnoop loves a dog.

Check our our take away or dine in restaurants in Fremantle and East Perth for healthy hot dog gdness and the feed good alternative to a burger (with veggie and vegan options)