Building & Bonding

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Building & Bonding

I sat down for a Fat Yak with Robin Rodriguez, a very cool dude, with a great work ethic and a big heart!

While you may have assumed Robin was a Mexican hip hop artist, he grew up in the beautiful little surfing town of Lacanau close to the magnificent and wine-famous region of Bordeaux.

Robin said he used to go and watch the competitions with “people like Mick Fanning and Kelly Slater”.

Robin has been instrumental in the building, plumbing and electricity for the Wassup Dog Gourmet Hotdog store in East Perth and Fremantle.

He worked in construction in France, becoming a qualified plumber and electrician before he watched enough French documentaries on Australia too move here two years ago with his girlfriend.

Robin explained how they started in Port Hedland and “took any job they could”, then moved to Exmouth to do their farm work repairing cyclone damaged properties.

Then Robin drove down to Perth, enjoying the chance to relax and get down to Margaret River to take photos.

He was working hard for a construction company until they cheated him out of a few weeks of work with no pay.

Soon after, he met Jules and started helping with Wassup Dog, he began working 7am til eleven building sessions with Jules; in the first East Perth bistro and recently a month and a half in the Fremantle cafe restaurant.

Now the man himself is constructing some boss hot dogs in Fremantle every day with his partner in cheese Mathas.

When I asked if working every day was making him tired, Robin said:

“When I meet all the good people here and put the hot dogs on the table, I am happy. I meet amazing people, I make good food. The life is good”

“I will work seven days a week for four years to push all the way to the top”

Robin is the man, he makes a mean hot dog, always has a smile on his face and his vision is to have Wassup Dog all over the West Coast.

“Maybe one day we will have stores in California. Long live the King.”

That’s Wassup